Digital and Tech Ecosystem Coordinator

Northern Reach, with their knowledge and skills building ecosystems, will work directly with district authorities to place a Community Coordinator in any region, responsible for developing a Tech ecosystem.

For the price of a member of staff, Northern Reach can recruit, train them in Ecosystem Development, and turn them into the key connector for their region and integrate them into Northern Reach’s network.

A carefully curated ecosystem will encourage many of the drivers that will support business growth. If founders and entrepreneurs come together around a single point of contact, Northern Reach believes you will naturally get:

  • Increase in peer-to-peer support between entrepreneurs
  • Rapid acceleration of access to advice
  • Encouragement of ideation and new product development
  • Increased high quality networks for advice and introductions
  • Stronger collaborations between businesses
  • Quicker access to talent both in terms of jobs and freelancers
  • Natural friendly competition to drive growth
  • Improved resilience both commercially and personally.

By creating a network of Community Coordinators, Northern Reach has the power to introduce them into their powerful network as well as provide each individual access to a peer group of other Community Coordinators that they can learn from. This will in turn ensure that each region is getting access to the absolute best support possible for its tech entrepreneurs.

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